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  • When To Hire An Agent…Or Someone Else

    When To Hire An Agent…Or Someone Else How do you know when it is time to hire an agent? It is one of the top questions journalists and TV personalities ask me. The answer, though, is less about timing and more about understanding what kind of help you need in your career and why. Some…

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  • 5 Practices That Will Grow Your Social Media Following

    A robust social media audience can do a lot to build your personal brand. If you have been putting off jumping into the social media scene, it is way easier to get going than you think. Here are 5 super simple, sure-fire, ways to grow your social media following and community. Follow  Do you want…

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  • Why Twitter Is Important for Sports Broadcasters and Journalists

    I was livid with my husband when he signed me up for a Twitter account in 2009 without asking me first. “We both work in industries where we need to stay current with technology,” He explained. It didn’t take long for me to change my tune. I’m thankful he introduced me early on to a…

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