To win a game, you first must know how to play it.

Whether you are an executive preparing for an interview or a media talent growing your career, success starts with a basic understanding of how the media works and what forces affect it.

How I can help?


Never has there been a more disruptive time in sports media. Are you a brand needing help navigating the landscape, vetting out an idea, or connecting with key stakeholders in the sports media world? I can help.

Career coaching

I teach people how to advocate for themselves, ask for what they want and navigate tricky career and life changes like motherhood—thinking about making a huge career transition like me? Let’s talk!

Event Emcee or Moderator

Alex is a pro at engaging audiences and making events flow smoothly.  Her experience ranges from emceeing the NFL Draft, and awards shows to moderating exclusive corporate Q&A sessions with high-profile celebrity guests.

Media Training

How you say something is as important as what you say.  Customize a training program for individual executives or entire teams and organizations.


I have told my story of being industry pioneer in sports to schools, executive leadership teams and entire organizations. I speak on a variety of topics customized to your group’s specific needs.


I represent a top-tier roster of some of the most exceptional media talent in the industry.