How To Paint An NFL Football Field On A Wall


Patrick Cloutier says if he can do this DIY football inspired room, so can you! The hardest part is figuring out the numbers and making it scale to your room. Luckily, Patrick figured out a formula for us and shared it with me. An accountant by day, it took Cloutier about 120 hours to paint his son Zach’s room for his birthday present. Warning: you will need time and patience for this project! Sorry, you get what you put in. Add two fatheads and a cool football lamp and TADA! Here is Patrick and Zach’s formula for painting your own football wall.


  • Calculator
  • Light colored pencil
  • Good eraser
  • Ruler
  • Scale
  • Painter’s tape
  • Fathead of your favorite NFL player and team logo
  • Green paint (Color used is Garden party from Home Depot)
  • White paint
  • Team paint colors for your end zone
  • Paintbrushes
  • Stencil numbers
  • Patience


  • Paint your wall green.
  • Create your sideline: place your tape three inches off the top and bottom of the wall and on both sides to create a three inch perimeter around the green paint. Paint the 3-inch space white.
  • Paint 10-yard and 5-yard line markers: measure the width of your wall and divide by 12 to determine the amount of space between each 10-yard panel.(Since a real football field is 120 yards, you divide the wall or walls you want your field on, by 12. If your wall is 18 feet wide-18 divided by 12 = 1.5 feet for each 10 yards marker.)  IMG_8317
  • **MAKE SURE YOU END UP WITH 12 EQUAL PANELS Starting from left to right measure out each panel and tape it off. The two end panels will be your end zones.
Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 2.11.09 PM
  • Divide each panel in 2 (except for the end zones) to make your 5-yard line markers, working panel by panel.  Mark off each 5 yard section with two pieces of tape to create two even lines.  Paint the space inside the two pieces of tape that mark each 5-yard line marker white. You will have 21 white lines, plus the two outside edges of the wall  that will be the end of the end zone. Let dry and then peel off the tape.
  • 1-yard lines, hash marks: you will be taping 400 little lines to represent the 100 yards on the field! Top, bottom and two in the middle area for hash marks.
  • You need to calculate how wide to make these. They need to be equal in size with equal distance between them. (10 lines and 10 equal spaces between each (total of 20) on an 18 foot wall with 1.5 foot panels. 1.5 feet = 45 cm. 45cm divided by 20 = 2.25 cm wide for each line and the distance between each line.
  • Now, measure the height of your field. Patrick’s green wall is 7 feet high or 210 cm. (To convert feet to cm multiple by 30. ) Now multiple the height of your wall in centimers by 2.85% to get the scale of a real field. That is how long your 1-yard line hash markers should be. (Ex. 7 feet X 30=210 X 2.85% = 6cm line height.)
  • Place the markers 35 % of the way down from the top, 35 % of the way up from the bottom, which leave 30% in between.
  • When everything is taped, paint the lines white and let dry then peel off your tape.
  • Paint numbers. Using a stencil, divide the numbers in between the 10-yard lines, painting the top set of number upside down.
  • Customize for your favorite team by ordering the team logo and your favorite player from fathead

PHOTOS COURTESY of Patrick Cloutier.  Thanks Pat and Zach for sharing your information and photos!