• Does Your Agent Underrepresent You

    It is not unusual for people reaching out for advice to tell me they haven’t talked to their agent in months or are in the dark about what work is done on their behalf or who is doing it. “Is that normal?” they ask. “Sadly, yes, it is,” I say, and then I share a…

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  • What Makes A Good Sports TV Analyst

    The color commentator, also called an analyst works alongside a play-by-play personality describing and detailing the action in a sporting event. Think of an analyst as a translator for the audience. Great Analysts educate viewers in engaging and dynamic ways. They are insightful and concise, comfortable on camera, and speak with good tone, pacing, and…

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  • How to Make A Great Resume Reel

    When I graduated from college in 1993, I packed up the car with resume reels and drove to news stations within an 8-hour radius delivering my tape. Back then, the biggest challenge was getting a News Director to agree to meet me so I could introduce myself and hand off the video in person. The…

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