How To Build Your Personal Brand

When I’m pitching client’s to executives in charge of hiring they often want me to summarize someone’s personal brand. In other words, who are they distilled down to a few simple sentences.  Are they a funny and vibrant host, quirky and comedic, who could someday host a nighttime talk show? Or are they a reliable team player, versatile enough to call a variety of different sports and write an article? Are they loud, opinionated, and take up a lot of space like Stephen A. Smith, or an elegant, thoughtful storyteller and wordsmith like Tom Rinaldi?

Everyone has unique characteristics and skill sets that make them special.  Few people though take the time to understand what differentiates and use it to build their brand. “The term branding used to be reserved for businesses, but with the advent of social sites and gig economy, personal branding has become fundamental.” writes Caroline Castrillon in Forbes. 

When broadcasters and media personalities have strong personal brands the audience knows it.  Think Charles Barkley or Oprah Winfrey.  If fans don’t know what you stand for, it’s likely because you haven’t built the type of straightforward personal ethos that leads to success.

In marketing, it is called a USP or a unique selling proposition. Companies create USP’s with a sentence or phrase to tell consumers what they stand for or what sets them apart. As Entrepreneur’s article points out, it is why we know Neiman Marcus sells luxury while Wal-mart sells bargains.

Take a look at how the USP of these two well known brands convey what consumers should expect from these brands in less than ten words.

Fedex:” When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

Geico: “15 minutes could save you 15% on car insurance” 

Can you see how a USP tells people what a brand stands for and what they can expect from it? Once you have developed yours, you can start communicating it often. When you separate yourself from the crowd, not only do you build a personal brand, but you also create job security.


  1. Write a one or two-sentence marketing slogan for yourself. Think about what makes you authentic. What defines who you are and what you stand for?  Identifying your values, uniqueness and contributions can help.

Here are ten social profiles of people who have used the bio to create a strong USP. See if you can match the person with their USP.

(Tom Brady, Jeanie Buss, Victor Cruz, Baker Mayfield, Jen Welter, SHAQ, Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez, Emmanuel Acho, Brene Brown, Jemel Hill)

  1. Very quotattious, I perform random acts of Shaqness
  2. In a modern, moral & wealthy society, no American should be too poor to live.
  3. Researcher. Storyteller. Texan
  4. CEO/Governor LA Lakers- I don’t write about bball just the things that go on around Lakers world. Do not contact me for free tickets or questions regarding basketball.
  5. Family and football
  6. Headband & Justin Timberlake fan. Believe. Let go & Let god. Built different. MMO.
  7. I podcast. TV, write and talk shit. Born and raised in Detroit
  8. 1st female coach in the NFL & Madden 1st female RB in men’s pro football
  9. Scholar. Athlete. Human. Wide receiver. Paterson, NJ
  10. Follow me to be entertained, challenged and encouraged to change the world