Travel tip # 1. Don’t leave home without these!

macks earplugs
Almost seven years ago, my job during the Beijing Olympics was hosting an overnight show from 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York. My 8 p.m. call time meant I had to work at night and sleep during the day in a New York City Sheraton. No way that was going to happen without some serious earplugs! At a local drug store I found a box of what looked like chunks of malleable candle wax. I had seen Macks Earplugs used by some of the professional swimmers. They worked so well, that now, I always keep them in my suitcase. I have a box next to my bed at home for nights when my sweet husband snores! I use them on the plane when I want to sleep and yes, even when I swim! You can use them to protect your kids ears in loud stadiums. But if you travel A LOT, like me, use them to block out the sounds of  your neighbor’s TV, their conversation or whatever else they are doing on the other side of the wall of your hotel room!