Simple Summer Margarita

My parents make one of the best margaritas in America at their Southern Arizona restaurant, The Steak Out.  It’s slushy and just sweet enough, served in a wide rimmed glass that drips with salt. Back in the day, during the sweltering Arizona summer, it was what I looked forward to at the end my waitressing shifts.  Thus, began my life long love affair with margaritas!

Recently, Rancho’s resident “momtender” taught me one of her margarita recipes. While it’s not exactly my beloved Steak Out margarita, it is good. And it’s amazingly simple. Here it is:

1/2 can of limeade
1 light beer
Blend with ice
Use lime or limeade to wet rim of glass and dip into salt
(If you don’t have margarita salt, I use my everyday Morton’s coarse kosher salt.)