5 Ideas I Wish All Women Would Embrace

  STICK TOGETHER: So many of our industries are still male dominated, yet too often instead of women viewing each other as allies, we see each other as competitors. So, we throw each other under the bus and then back over each other, all while vying for the attention of our bosses. I’ll always remember […]

The ESPN Reporter That Should Be Getting The Attention

People have been asking me my take on the female reporter who was caught on tape insulting a tow company employee. I’ve kept my mouth shut for the most part, because I know in my 22-year career I’ve made a lot of mistakes, said things I wish I could take back and haven’t always treated […]

A Different Kind of Sideline Job

Young women ask me often for advice on how to find a job in sports media. The sideline job that I do gets a lot of exposure, but there are so many other opportunities to explore. I’ve met many talented kick-butt women in my industry. I’ve asked a number of them to share their stories. […]

3 things that will help you get a job in sports broadcasting

I’ve been asked at least a thousand times for advice on getting a job in sports broadcasting. So here it is… This part of my website and series of posts is dedicated to helping you… get a job, girl! GET AS MUCH PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE AS YOU CAN. The best way I know to do this is […]

Intelligent, philanthropic female athletes are all over the NFL sidelines. What it took for me to see past their short skirts.

I haven’t always been a huge supporter of professional cheerleading. In the male-dominated world of sports, I’ve sometimes viewed the utilization of cheerleaders as an exploitation of women. Having scantily dressed, swimsuit models with sparkly eye makeup on the sideline had me wondering if it’s made it more difficult for women like me to be […]

How Pulling Paper Apart Helped Me Discover My Career Path

One of the first pieces of advice I give to anyone wanting a job in sports broadcasting is to get an internship. Better yet, get lots of internships. I have a degree from the University of Arizona in media arts and a minor in journalism, but it’s the practical experience I got that gave me […]

So you want my job, first be my runner…and take it seriously

At least once a week I speak to a young lady who aspires to be in the TV business. Sometimes it’s a high school student, others an entire college class. No matter who it is, I give the same advice. Get an internship. Volunteer to be a runner. Do whatever you can to get experience. […]