The San Diego Chargers Story You Don’t Know About, But Should.

I have often gone to the San Diego Chargers Director of Public Relations Bill Johnston to get the scoop on NFL players or develop a story idea. Thirty-six years in the NFL has given Bill a deep vault of stories to draw upon, but the one that moved me most isn’t a football story, even […]

Don’t Roll Your Eyes at Diddy…You Might Be Parenting Just Like Him

You know that feeling you get when someone says something unflattering about your child? When suddenly all you can see is Red? We’ve all been there and we don’t always act rationally when it comes to our children. Okay. So maybe you haven’t landed in jail for threatening to throw a weight-room kettlebell at your […]

The Myth of Practice

The Myth of Practice Guest post: by education specialist Micheal McArdle Many popular psychology books over the last few years have sold us a simple message about what it takes to be perfect at just about anything: practice. You may have heard or read about the “10,000 hour rule.” The idea being, if you spend […]

One of the Easiest Ways to Make Your Child A Better Athlete

How Young Athletes Can Take Their Game to the Next Level Guest post: By Jill Castle, MS, RDN We all want our kids to do well in the sports they play. We even want to see them go the distance—the highest possible place they can attain in their sport. Whether it’s a spot on a travel […]

How to paint an NFL DIY Football Field for a Kid’s Room

Patrick Cloutier says if he can do this DIY football inspired room, so can you! The hardest part is figuring out the numbers and making it scale to your room. Luckily, Patrick figured out a formula for us and shared it with me. An accountant by day, it took Cloutier about 120 hours to paint […]