10 Tips Every Traveler Should Know

I spend a TON of time on airplanes. For a few years, when I was reporting on Thursday Night Football, Notre Dame and Football Night in America, I was traveling to three different States every week. I had to learn how to effectively use my time on a plane. Now, I often find myself wishing […]

The Most Misused Words in Sports

LeBron James recently butchered a common idiom to describe why he walked off the court and took himself out of a game against Atlanta. In the locker room afterward, he explained to reporters that he blew a “casket.” What he meant was that he blew a gasket, a common expression used to indicate one becoming […]

13 Lessons I Learned from My Dad

Dad emigrated from Poland after WWII when he was a boy. He learned English on his own and went to work when his own father left the family behind in America to return home. He got a job as a janitor at his high school to help his mother pay the rent, earned a football […]

How To Make Your Lashes Longer? Use Fake Ones. DUH!

I love eyelashes. Not my own though, because I don’t have many. When I’m on TV, I usually wear either short or medium individuals or a small strip.  I’ll cut a few of the lashes off the end of the strip so they aren’t so va-va-voom. I love Ardell’s # 53 or the Ardell natural […]

The One Lipstick Every Woman Should Own

My dear friend, celebrity make-up artist Cyvia Lewis, says if there is one lip color all women should have, it is NARS’ Dolce Vita sheer lipstick. “Sheer, nude lips are always beautiful,” says the L.A.-based artist. Dolce Vita is a go-to lipstick for Cyvia when she is working with a new client. “This is a […]

Travel tip # 1. Don’t leave home without these!

Almost seven years ago, my job during the Beijing Olympics was hosting an overnight show from 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York. My 8 p.m. call time meant I had to work at night and sleep during the day in a New York City Sheraton. No way that was going to happen without some serious […]

My must have eye shadow

One of my favorite make-up artists introduced me a few years ago to Tom Ford cosmetics. I almost fell out of my chair when I learned how expensive the line is, but I’ve found it to be well worth the money. I LOVE the eye quads. ($79.00) Coco Mirage (shown here) is perfect for everyday […]

BUSTED…for sharing a wardrobe with my 7-year old!

It was a hat I wore during the Miami/Buffalo game that caused more stir than maybe anything else I’ve worn, done or said this season!  It seemed that people either really liked it…”please tell me where to get your hat, my wife wants one,” or totally hated it, “your hat makes you look like a […]