What one American diver has overcome to get to London

Olympic diver Chris Colwill can’t hear when he dives.  He was born with at least 60 percent hearing loss. He reads lips. Outside the pool he uses hearing aids, but can’t wear those in the pool. That means he can’t hear the referees whistle indicating he’s clear to begin a dive. He relies on a […]

I didn’t meet the Queen, but I did hang out with Ryan Seacrest!

Paul McCartney was still singing hey jude when I got the go ahead to storm the field.  Along with Michelle Tafoya and Ryan Seacrest, my NBC assignment for the night was to interview American athletes after they had marched around the track in the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.  Flag bearer and fencing champion Mariel Zagunis […]

It was my best day at the office, maybe EVER…

A month ago I worked a week in Federal Way, Washington. The window from my hotel room overlooked the off ramp of interstate 5.  Each time a semi truck exited, my window shook as it whooshed by.  The TV gods must have known that I was getting close to spilling their dirty little secret, that […]

Surrounded by Greatness

It’s quite amazing to be in a room with a group of people who are the best in the whole word at what they do. That’s where I found myself at Harris Theater in Chicago Thursday night as the co-host of the US Olympic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. There was 5- time Olympic gold […]

Marathon Training

Running a marathon has never been a goal of mine. So when my sister, Amie, who has already accomplished running 26 miles, called me in January and asked me if I wanted to run a ½ marathon for mother’s day I said, “N-O”. A few days later called her back and said yes. (it helps […]