10 Tips Every Traveler Should Know

I spend a TON of time on airplanes. For a few years, when I was reporting on Thursday Night Football, Notre Dame and Football Night in America, I was traveling to three different States every week. I had to learn how to effectively use my time on a plane. Now, I often find myself wishing […]

The Most Misused Words in Sports

LeBron James recently butchered a common idiom to describe why he walked off the court and took himself out of a game against Atlanta. In the locker room afterward, he explained to reporters that he blew a “casket.” What he meant was that he blew a gasket, a common expression used to indicate one becoming […]

5 Ideas I Wish All Women Would Embrace

  STICK TOGETHER: So many of our industries are still male dominated, yet too often instead of women viewing each other as allies, we see each other as competitors. So, we throw each other under the bus and then back over each other, all while vying for the attention of our bosses. I’ll always remember […]

The San Diego Chargers Story You Don’t Know About, But Should.

I have often gone to the San Diego Chargers Director of Public Relations Bill Johnston to get the scoop on NFL players or develop a story idea. Thirty-six years in the NFL has given Bill a deep vault of stories to draw upon, but the one that moved me most isn’t a football story, even […]

The ESPN Reporter That Should Be Getting The Attention

People have been asking me my take on the female reporter who was caught on tape insulting a tow company employee. I’ve kept my mouth shut for the most part, because I know in my 22-year career I’ve made a lot of mistakes, said things I wish I could take back and haven’t always treated […]